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Machine Customization
Machine Customization


  • We understand the exact requirements from customer and design the machine/ equipment accordingly.

  • The customer can save time, improve quality of the product, reduce wastage, reduce manpower, reduce the raw material cost to improve overall profit of the company.

Machine Upgradation
Machine Upgradation.jpg


  • Retrofitment of screw and barrel for better output and quality. Can be upgraded from normal to bimetallic design.

  • Replacement of Cooling Ring to enhance output. Retrofit IBC system to increase output.

  • Conversion of DC to AC Drives & Motors for better control and reduce downtime.

  • Post-extrusion equipment upgradation.

  • Retrofitment of Gusset Board Assembly to make the Gusseted film. Wooden and Metal Gusset options are available.

  • Upgradation of the machine with Automation like Gravimetric, SCADA touch screen etc. and other material handling equipment.

After Sales & Support
After Sales & Support


After sales support is the primary aspect of Adroit's market strategy since the goal of the company is the proper and effective use of the products and services provided. We aim at a continued relationship with all our customers throughout the life cycle of the product or service selected. Our statement is: through a cost-effective and reliable after sales service we manage to ensure full client satisfaction as well as the maintenance of our high level of sales.


We are able to provide all of the following services:


  • Special training regarding the use of our manufactured products

  • Scheduled maintenance and repairs

  • Technical support by phone

  • Provision of genuine and high-quality spare parts

  • Warranties for replacement in case of damage or defect of product

Personal Consultation
Machine Upgradation


  • Searching for right solutions?

  • Innovative, when it comes to the development and implementation of effective and future-proof methods and problem-solving ideas. The team spirit of our experts ensures that all your questions are answered fully and competently.

  • Consults you individually

  • Answers your questions

  • Works with you to find the optimal solution

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