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Blown Film Plant Accessories


  • Vertical Mixer is for mixing Plastic granules, Master batch etc.

  • The mixer operates only with only 1 HP motor. Most power efficient in industry.

  • The inside Screw rotates and lifts the material and drop it from the top. 

  • Chamber is provided inside the drum which is connected to the Heater and Blower to remove the moisture from the material.

  • The mixer is available in different capacity from 50 kg to 5000 kg.

Vertical Granule Mixer with Dryer


  • Extrusion Process Control system (EPC) provides a supervisory and single window to all key operating parameters associated with the extrusion production process.

  • Extrusion control system tracks material being fed to the extruder through loss in weight system constantly measured by load cell and automatically adjusts  screw rpm and the haul-off speed to maintain a consistent product output and thickness regardless of changes in raw materials, ambient conditions or processing variables.

Extrusion Process Control


  • Gusset Board Assembly to produce full gusseted film.

  • Wooden and Metal gusset board options available.

  • Gusset boards are also available with motorized operation.

  • Can be fixed on any machine. 

Gusset Board Assembly
Trim Recycling Machine


  • Edge trim unit was introduced on the basis to the subject of “Green Eco Friendly” awareness to the Plastic Film production industry.

  • The unit cleverly integrated advanced structural design with Innovative concept for reclaim trimmed film edge uninterruptedly within the system.

  • The process starting from edge trim feeding, cutting and feeding in the extruder, all in one complete process promised to save labor cost, power consumption and process time.


  • Vacuum loaders are the simplest version of a ‘resin conveying system’

  • Vaccum transfer of plastic pallets and regrind from material source to a hopper or bin over a moderate distance using powerful 3 phase blower.

  • Standard models are designed for plate / flange mounted to existing hopper or bin.

  • Cost effective central blower and control to cater multiple hopper simultaneously. 

Hopper Loader


  • Color mixer is widely used for mixing, stirring powder and granule materials. Mixing can be done in a short period of time and it has high performance. Both mixing barrel and the mixer are made up of stainless steel and polished. A vertical reducer motor is adopted to ensure low noise and durable.

  • Vertical color mixers are widely used in plastic injection, plastic recycling, powder metallurgy, pharmacy chemicals, foodstuff and ceramic ware. 

  • Available from 25 to 100 kg capacity.

Plastic Granule and Powder Mixer
Plastic Recycling Machine
  • No need of Water / Heating. Cold Start. Unique design.

  • Lowest Power Consumption: 0.15 kwh/kg

  • Minimize damage to raw materials (Temperature below melting point)

  • Crushing and Granulation are completed in one time

  • Process wet materials (less than 10% moisture)

  • Powder can be separated from granules, the waste are reprocessed and recycled.

  • Small footprint, requiring less manpower. 

Bubble Slit Assembly
  • To convert plastic film from tube to sheet on blown film.

  • Precisely machined CNC parts.

  • Hard Anodized Aluminium body for wear resistant surface.

  • Dual blade design for quick changeover the blade in running production.

  • Many air ports provided for maximum cushioning to the film. Very beneficial in running sticky and sensitive films.

  • Wear resistant Stainless Steel rollers for longer life.

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