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About company

Multilayer Blown Film Plant

Adroit Extrusion makes co-ex blown film lines are being manufactured based on wide engineering experience and are available in the widest range from the mono layer, ABA, Two layer, Three layer, Five layer  & Seven Layer technical grade films with output and widths as per customer requirements. These lines can also be customized to suit your applications to the optimum level.

Adroit Extrusion lines are available with advanced automation features like gravimetric dosing system, IBC system, fully automatic surface winder and integrated process control. We also provide Vertical Mixer with Dryer and Hopper Loader for ease of operations.

With the objective of meeting the new challenges faced by the market for improved film properties and cost optimizations. Adroit Extrusion’s power efficient, high-speed Multilayer Blown Films Line gives the advantages of lower conversion costs, high outputs and excellent film quality, providing processors with the competitive edge and quick return on their investment.


Adroit Extrusion co-extrusion blown film lines to produce a variety of films like lamination grade films, liquid packaging films, high dart FFS resin sacks films, oil packaging films, pharma and medical grade films, shrink films, stretch films, green house films, silage and mulch films, chemical/soap packaging films etc.

Our approach with Innovation Framework

  • Since inception, Adroit Extrusion has recorded positive growth in every field by introduction of new technology products to stay different and ahead of competitors.

  • We have a wide portfolio of Blown Film Plants and undoubtedly have sustained Leadership position over the years by virtue of continual innovative technology, quality and customer centrist approach for after sales & support.

  • Extrusion’s team of skilled engineers has its in-house technical experts in electronics, mechanical & processing field, broad and       in depth range of experience, expertise in designing and implementing Machinery & Equipment.

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