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ABA & AB Blown Film

  • One extruder for both A-layer, which is smaller, operates slower and only delivers 30%-40% new plastic resins,

  • The other extruder for middle layer, which is a layer that uses recycled plastic resins and CaCo³ to reduce the costing.

  • ABA layer blown film line significantly reduces the cost of raw material while keeping plastic film quality at a high level. Besides reducing amount of raw material, another advantage of ABA plastic film extrusion machine is that the produced 3 layer film is 30% stronger than mono layer.

  • It is a meant for typical application like shopping bags with a finished printing surface on both the sides adding value to the end product.

  • With a slight change in the die block design, one can manufacture 3 layer blown film line in a conventional 2 layer co–extrusion line. The output produced will be a three layer film with top and bottom layer of the same material and a different center layer and if an application requires only 2 layers – e.g. 2 colored bags, one can change the die block and transform A/B/A co-ex to A/B co-ex.

Optional Devices

  • Hopper Loader

  • Corona Treater

  • Extra Die

  • Chiller

  • Heat Exchanger Embossing Roll

  • Air Shaft

  • Two Station Surface Winder

  • Bi-Metalic Screw & Barrel Set

  • Die Rotation

Technical specifications

  • Model Name:  Duoflex ABA Three Layer & AB Two Layer CO-Extrusion Blown Film Plant

  • Material Used: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, CACO3, Virgin Raw Material

  • Output range: 60 - 200 kg/hr

  • Screw Diameter: 35/45/55/65/75 (Customized)

  • Layflat Film Width: 500 - 3000 mm

  • Thickness Range: 20 micron to 150 micron   

Applications of Aba & Ab blown film

PE general purpose film, HDPE pick-up bags, Shade-net film, PE lamination film, Mulch film, Courier film, Stretch & Cling film, Shrink film, Anti-rust film and Tarpaulin Film etc.


ABA Extruders
Control Panel
Main Nip
Surface Winder
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