ABA & AB Blown Film

  • One extruder for both A-layer, which is smaller, operates slower and only delivers 30%-40% new plastic resins,

  • The other extruder for middle layer, which is a layer that uses recycled plastic resins and CaCo³ to reduce the costing.

  • ABA layer blown film line significantly reduces the cost of raw material while keeping plastic film quality at a high level. Besides reducing amount of raw material, another advantage of ABA plastic film extrusion machine is that the produced 3 layer film is 30% stronger than mono layer.

  • It is a meant for typical application like shopping bags with a finished printing surface on both the sides adding value to the end product.

  • With a slight change in the die block design, one can manufacture 3 layer blown film line in a conventional 2 layer co–extrusion line. The output produced will be a three layer film with top and bottom layer of the same material and a different center layer and if an application requires only 2 layers – e.g. 2 colored bags, one can change the die block and transform A/B/A co-ex to A/B co-ex.

Optional Devices

  • Hopper Loader

  • Corona Treater

  • Extra Die

  • Chiller

  • Heat Exchanger Embossing Roll

  • Air Shaft

  • Two Station Surface Winder

  • Bi-Metalic Screw & Barrel Set

  • Die Rotation

Technical specifications

  • Model Name:  Duoflex ABA Three Layer & AB Two Layer CO-Extrusion Blown Film Plant

  • Material Used: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, CACO3, Virgin Raw Material

  • Output range: 60 - 200 kg/hr

  • Screw Diameter: 35/45/55/65/75 (Customized)

  • Layflat Film Width: 500 - 3000 mm

  • Thickness Range: 20 micron to 150 micron   

Applications of Aba & Ab blown film

PE general purpose film, HDPE pick-up bags, Shade-net film, PE lamination film, Mulch film, Courier film, Stretch & Cling film, Shrink film, Anti-rust film and Tarpaulin Film etc.

Shopping bag film
Garbage bag film
Carry bag film
Courier bag film
Vegetable Packing film
Mulch Film
agriculture mulch film
Stretch film
Shrink film
Film rolls
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ABA Extruders
Control Panel
Main Nip
Surface Winder

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